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top "rehomed" breeds?

My first thread so I'll introduce myself a bit. Like most people out there I'm just a big creeper that's rarely involved in forums. Or should I say actively. I've been reading and researching here since my first wlgsd about 4.5 years ago which I recently lost and have been devastated. But my new girl is 4 weeks away from joining my family can't wait to see which girl is picked for me. Also working lines. But I digress...

Which breed do you believe is rehomed the most, if it were originally obtained as a puppy, and why? I realize the gsd is one of the top couple akc regersterd dog each year(which gives it more chances to hit higher numbers), but what percentage do you think are rehomed. Apparently in the UK the GSD is one of the most "rehomed" dogs unfortunately. I'm just curious of numbers here in north america where breeding has obviously lacked in tempermate and nerves in most showlines, and probably some claiming to be"working lines". Also, do you think its because people are biting off more than they can chew so to speak. Say a novice, or just any handler with a high drive dog that's taken by complete surprise? Or has the poor breeding of thousands, if not tens of thousands of back yard bred dogs created poor tempermates, conformation, and nerves causing dangerous situations or situations people are just uneqquipped to deal with.... Maybe true working lines are as often rehomed as byb lines due to people not knowing what to expect. I don't know.. either way its just to bad if the gsd truly is rehomed that much

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