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Default THE GRIM and Honor

I wanted to share that Grim got his V rating KKL and FH1 its kind of hard to grasp it really. It was a lot of work.
so now he is
U-CH V- Grim z Jeniku IPO3 FH1 BH AD KKL
SG- Honor z vom Weberhaus IPO1 BH

Honor's track was 96 points for A V rated track also.

Grim's track was 5 hours old and 80 points but a very hard track plus then went into the show ring for his V ..

Happy training to everyone.
V-1 Cesar z Jirkova Dvora Sch3 KKL1*
V-Miky z Tresnaku Zvv3,KKL1*
V-Grim z Jeniku IPO3 KKL
V-Asko von der Sperberquelle Sch3 KKL1*
V- Darka Jipo Me IPO3 KKL
V- Honor z vom Weberhaus IPO2 KKL
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