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You may not have found the right toy that trips her trigger. Try tugs if she likes to bite. You can make them cheap, yard of fleece fabric (or you could use an old blanket or jacket), cut it into strips and braid it with a knot on both ends. Great springy fun.

Take some old wash clothes or dishrags, get them wet, twist to wring out and stick them in the freezer. If I'm reading her birthday right, she's 3 months old and that is PRIME TIME for teething and bites. A frozen washcloth is a teething puppy's best friend.

She gets a reaction when she snaps and nips, maybe she is a bit of a meany but at her age, it's nothing but play. From your other posts, I gather she's from a litter of 2 pups. Not much was probably learned about give and take by having just one sibling. Tough road but I'm a firm believer the most ANNOYING and obnoxious puppies grow up to be the best dogs.

Don't pinch her gums, try poke her in the tongue. Not hard but dogs don't like being poked in the mouth. I used to tickle Otto on the roof of the mouth after I poked him with my acrylic nails. My hand was in there anyway. I could redirect him all day long, he'd just take off wtih the toy and come back 2 mintues later to bite again. Took a couple months for it to get through to him that if he put me in his mouth, he was going to get poked in the tongue.

Poke in the tongue didn't work for Venus. I had to hold her muzzle closed until she whined. Repeatedly saying 'No bites!' It's what mother dogs do.

Good luck. Have patience. Invest in wrist guards and leather gloves...


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