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Name calling

If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize ahead of time.

I live on a high foot traffic street and when Gunther gets it in his head (even the other dog) to go barking at people on the sidewalk, I'm always alert enough to open the door or window and call them back in. What irks me to no end are examples like today where 3 teenagers walked by and when I called Gunther to me (and he came immediately) one smart alec kid yelled out his name with a sarcastic tone. These kids seem ignorant about the potential risk of calling out a strange dogs name. There's nothing I can do about it, as I'm not about to get into an argument with strange kids over my fence. To the point of the thread, my husband tells me I shouldn't call out the dogs names because then the passerby's will learn their names. I personally kind of think this is over paranoid thinking but at the same time after seeing this immature behavior today I can kind of see his point. Gunther is trained to come when I call his name. Is there an alternative to this? Or should I just call his name anyway? Our fence is only 4 feet high and because of it being a front yard only and city ordinances, I can't make it any higher. I truly worry that some ignorant person walking by teasing him may be in for a rude awakening one day. My only saving grace is that he is NEVER alone in the yard unattended, I've always got the door open to see what he is up to at all times. The majority of the time he's laying by the door.

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