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Originally Posted by Chip18 View Post
OK i don't think it was a RR thing"? To me it's just a badly behaved dog thing! The owner clearly has no idea of what his dog does and no control over his dog!

His dog is basically a" dogfight" looking for a place to happen! When JQP comes in with his Dominant male/female (insert breed here) dog he can get the chance to try this:

Leerburg | How to Break Up a Dog Fight Without Getting Hurt!
See that was PART of my thought.. maybe he was just trying to find a dog that doesn't care about him and is neutral, to start something with. I am so glad that Titan is so neutral in those instances.

Originally Posted by mego View Post
Idk, Lara doesn't like being ignored, she thinks dogs are for playing (groan). when our neighbors dog tries to play fetch with its owner she used to try to get his attention too in the same way but I usually leashed her at that point or the other dog told her off and she backed off. *shrug* I'd just call it the other dog wanting to play with your dog because that's what most people do at the dog park, sit there and let their dog do whatever it wants with other dogs. The RR is probably not used to a dog there that doesn't want to play with it and got frustrated.
BUT then there's this idea.. That really I think was his idea and just doesn't have the know when to quit and clearly doesn't listen to his owner.


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