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Originally Posted by onyx'girl View Post
His genetics are the reason for his growth, if he's a King Shepherd he will be larger than the GSD. I'd put him on an all life stages food where the calcium and phosphorus levels are balanced. I wouldn't starve him, but get him on a good diet that helps his structure and joints to grow properly. There are a few threads about this in the puppy forums.
That's what I tried to tell the vet. HIs dad is a king and weighs 130# but she said if I don't slow his growth he is going to have joint problems, his joints are showing and are way big king or not. He shouldn't be gaining that much Weight that fast. I know I had to come on here to ask. Since y'all know gsd well or been there. She said even if he will be massive and it's due to genetics then we can say we least tried to slow down. I'll see if I can get a better pic of his joints and post it. So the calcium and phosphorus should be the same %?

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