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Non-GSD What is this behavior?

So I usually have awesome luck at the dog park.. this time wasn't an exception necessarily, but a dog's annoying behavior got me curious...

It was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, male, I'd say between 2 and 4 yrs, not intact. Not new to us, he's been there before, same-ish behavior just not as escalated until today. Like normal he constantly wanted to chase Titan every time I threw the frisbee. It started out just playful and fun. Then I noticed him "stalking" Titan. Like crouching down and pouncing to go after him, which I know is a way for some dogs to play. A Vizsla that used to play with Titan played this way.. Fine and Titan wasn't paying any mind. Well after a few throws and this RR chasing Titan every time, the RR started to get a little "rude."

He would nose Titan in the throat as he ran and then when I picked up the frisbee, not to throw it again, but to ask the owner to get his dog, the RR just jump and nipped Titan in the neck.. which Titan didn't respond to because he was so focused on the frisbee behind my back.. (thank goodness) The RR kept trying to come back at Titan and nipping at his neck, barking, tail wagging, then jumping back like 5 feet. I dropped the frisbee, because that seemed to be the trigger. And at this point I was in between the 2 dogs telling the guy to get his dog. Once I dropped the frisbee and was in front of Titan, the RR was calm and the guy came a leashed him. (all this happened simultaneously, so it's not like I watched him nipping him and then decided after a while to hop in)

I was under the impression he was leaving as the dog was leashed and was walking toward the gate (my fault completely for not double checking) and took Titan to the other side of the park to play, at this point thought we were the only ones in the park, so I threw the frisbee... WRONG apparently the guy released his dog on the other side of the park who b-lined it for Titan barking the whole way. ended up nipping Titan in the side, which at that point Titan dropped the frisbee, gave him a piece his mind, not damaging, just "get the F off me" then came to me without the frisbee. Then the RR just watched us, I put Titan in a "stay" and had to help this guy get his dog, who was turnig it into a "catch me if you can" game. He apologized a million more times. I told him I was leaving and he insisted on explaining himself so he did, saying that he just likes to chase other dogs and is just an butthead sometimes. I said he just needed to watch it. I know Titan and he doesn't escalate issues, only stops them, but most dogs don't respond that way and may have laid your dog out..

SO I know this was prime "reason you shouldn't go to dog parks," but that's not my concern right now. I am more curious what the behavior was.

It literally was like he only wanted something to do with us/Titan when we were playing.. otherwise he was minding his own business. He wasn't AGGRESSIVE. I know you may ask how I can say that, but I have been around aggressive dogs and this dog really seemed like this was how he genuinely played.. by chasing dogs.. only in our case he picked Titan and Titan only to chase. He wanted nothing to do with the frisbee itself so I can't imagine it being a possession thing.

Was this just a rude dog with no manners, and an owner who didn't train him? Was this a RR trait, to "play" this way?? And still no training from the owner? Or would you say he was being dominant with Titan? with obviously, no training from the owner?

And while I don't think this will happen, I would like to keep this as directed at the RR behavior as possible, not so much at the "why do you take him to the dog park?"


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