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Starving diet. =(

So I took my pup to the vet today to get his shots abd the vet told me that he is going to be a massive dog. He is growing way to fast, and I have to put him on a starving diet where he gets hAlf the amount of food and the other half carrots, green beans, peas etc... Just to make him fill full. What can I give as treats that won't put on weight? The Dr said he is already showing signs of joint problems because you can see his joints that are big. He has to go back in a month to see if his growing has slowed. She said he shouldn't gain more the 10 pound a month and he is gaining 3-5 pounds a week. She said even with the starving diet he might still grow to fast because he is going to be massive really fast. But if I can slow down his growth even if he looks like skin and bones his joint problems will go away. Any thought? He is 11 weeks and weighs 28 pounds. His father also is very big. I think he is a king gsd.

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