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Puppy got bit by a bigger GSD

Konig is 4 months now. Took him to the park to off leash him inside the baseball field, throw some balls, do obedience, tug, etc.. Drain him out.

A dad and his son with another GSD was already in the field. 6 month old female. I think he was excited to see another GSD pup and invited me into the field, saying she was super friendly. I take Konig out of the car, and she starts barking as soon as she sees him.. and Konig is no angel either, he starts barking his head off. So I'm a bit hesitant. They meet at the fence, which i know is already bad because it just builds that tension. I decided i would try to drain him a bit so i ran a lap around the baseball field.

Then took him inside, she goes nuts. They're both barking at eachother and the dad tells his son to let go of the leash (because its causing more tension) and the GSD launches at Konig (a 6 month female is SIGNIFICANTLY larger than a 4 month male) tramples him, Konig starts whimpering like hes being murdered, and she nips him in the leg while hes on his back. I just shoved her to the ground and stepped in between the two. They pulled her back and when I looked back at Konig he was limping on his left 'arm' (got bit in the elbow). Both of them have all their hairs up and are barking pretty aggressively It seemed like he was fine after a few seconds. Started walking fine when I walked him on the leash to check. They were both still barking so i just started walking Konig back and forth on the leash. He pretty much stopped and just started focusing on me. The other GSD just kept going at it, Konig would let out a little growl, i'd just tug the leash a little, and he'd stop. I took him somewhere else and we just trained/played on the long leash.

Anyways, where did we both go wrong? What is the proper way to introduce two dogs? If I see them again (which I'm sure I will, because I see them out often) should we re-attempt? Anyone else's GSD's start getting aggressive/vocal around this age? He started barking at EVERYTHING. What did you do to remedy? How do you correct when he starts barking.. or lunging?
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