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The "butthead" stage...

.. or at least that is what I have read, and am guessing (hoping) that Chevelle is simply in this "stage" and will grow out of it. When I brought her home at 3 months old she was very jumpy and mouthy and for 2 months I dealt with that. At 5 months it seemed she was really "getting it" and growing out of it. Then 2 days before she turned 6 months old, all progress was erased and she was back to jumping on everyone and puppy biting like crazy, especially when feeling anxious. (like when I return to the car or back inside, even if I was gone for 3 seconds) Meeting strangers is VERY hard for her, she gets so excited and wants to kiss everyone in the face, so more jumping and anxious mouthing. She is also starting to chew things in the car, which she has NEVER done before, even at 3 months old. She ate my daughters car seat straps and now started to chew up the passengers seat back. She has chew toys in the car but ignores those.

I do have to say that she has learned bite inhibition and does not bite very hard (usually) and never breaks the skin but it can be very frustrating when she does not stop and nothing I am doing can make her stop. This morning I was so frustrated with it I held her mouth closed.. which just made her more crazy, and made me feel bad for doing it. She will be 7 months old in a week. I am crossing my fingers the biting and jumping stop soon... lol!
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