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What would you call this type of behavior?

I wanted to know what you guys think of this type of behavior, is it separation anxiety, loyalty or what?

When I take Sinister to my mom's hair salon he LOVES it, he is very social and very well behaved. He LOVES his grandma very much but when she asks him to accompany her to the backroom for a treat he will follow her and leave me behind, however, once he walks her back there he quickly comes back to me before even getting the treat and he will not listen to her when she calls for him to come back.

He loves my mom, he's very comfortable being at the salon and he loves treats so why is he so quick to come back to me before even getting his treat? She will call out for him as he walks away from her and she offers him a treat and he still keeps coming back to me.

So what kind of behavior is that?


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