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The advice wasn't accurate, but nothing the vet tech did was wrong IMO...

Sorry, if the puppy is biting the hand, its not that out of the question for her to just hold the mouth shut while she finishes her exam.

SunCzarina...the vet TECH did not ROLL the puppy. The vet tech had the puppy on its side already while examining the stomach...there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If it were me, I would've been holding my dog to help the vet tech and probably in that situation would've just stuck my own hand in the dog's mouth in order to not cause any harm to the vet tech. When my boy was a puppy, the tummy exams took less than a minute...its not a bad thing for your dog to learn that it has to accept people touching it in certain places. If you wanted it to be a training exercise and are worried about the fact that the vet tech "forced" the dog on its side, you should do it all yourself. I've never been around a single vet or vet tech that wasn't more than happy to allow the owner to help with the handling of the animal or down and roll over (with a command) themselves.

But, we could just give the advice to not allow anyone to touch your dog so that when it gets bigger you need a muzzle because your dog doesn't like people touching it. Then you'll come on the forum and get ripped apart for not teaching this to your dog and socializing the dog properly when it was younger.

To call a 13 week old a problem, and insinuate that you'll have issues because you have children is weird. But the GSD is an aggressive breed, they can be problems, and many vets usually see the dogs that aren't trained properly. I remember how my vet was surprised to feel the fact that my dog still had testicles because he was so "calm" and "listened well" while we were in the exam room. I can just imagine what kinds of dogs he has to deal with on a daily basis and so of course they're going to develop certain prejudices.

I know this forum also likes to tell people to ditch vets when they advise them to neuter at 6 if we're just going to advise people to leave vets because of their opinions, I guess this situation calls for the same advice.

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