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He sounds like a fine workingline puppy! I notice you said the vet TECH rolled your puppy and gave you this rant . Vet techs are not all created equal - the run the gambit between no more than a person who wants to work with dogs to having certifications and qualifications I would compare to a RN or nurse practitioner in the human world.

If you like the vet, keep the vet, insist on a different tech.

I have a very confident east german male. When he was a pup, there was one vet tech who cut his nails too short and made him bleed (from several nails), the vet was excellent. He was a past president of AAHA, very knowledgable but he only ever had one good vet tech plus his wife.

Then Dr C retired and we had to find a new vet. The new vets office had one vet I liked but she wasn't always there, the other vets would muzzle Otto because he'd grumble about them looking at his ears. He was prone to ear infections when he was younger, plus the nail cutting thing, it became a game with him to intimidate the vet. Great, now you can't hear his heart rate because you've freaked him out with the muzzle. Same office told me Morgan's burst anal gland was probably cancer so pay for this expensive test. Same office made my friend muzzle his rottie because of the breed...

We switched after about a year of that insanity. I still board there because they have a great huge facility that used to be a car dealership - while they can attract great people and keep them in the boarding area, the vets are horrible and they're crazy expensive. Love my new vet, she breeds GSDs so she looks at Otto, calls him a beast and he leans on her for exam like he's saying 'you get me, you may touch me'


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