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Vet pins/grabs muzzle & 13wk puppy bites at hand

Let me start off by saying that I have not seen any behavior in my 13 week male that looks anything like aggression. He is a puppy. He was very, very mouthy, which I expected as he comes from german Schutzhund champion working lines on his fathers side. If I even said that right, I'm new so forgive me if not. Anyway, his mouthiness has improved amazingly. He will make mouth contact is if he is on his side, back, or someone grabs over his head at his collar. However, he listens with a stern "no bite." And these are not blood drawing, hard bites. Sometimes there is no pressure applied at all. He is in a puppy class, loves people, greets all people and dogs with tail wagging, and I've never heard so much as a growl.

So FF to today, at his second vet check up. The vet and tech forced him to his side and held him down while trying to palpate his groin. He starting whining and struggling to get up. He was biting the vet tech's hand. She then grabbed his muzzle and squeezed it shut, at which point he became frantic and whining and wanting up even more. I told her not to grab his muzzle. So she gave treats instead, he calmed slightly and by then they were done. I then was questioned about whether I can take his food away, put my hand in his bowl, etc. Yes. I can. My 18 month old does it almost everyday. He could care less. The vet tech proceeded to tell me that this is an aggressive breed and I need to get him in classes (he already is in classes) and that I should be aware that they are aggresive because I have small children. Let's just say my BP was through the roof.

Is his reaction aggressive? I've been working on touching him all over etc. He does fine usually and is getting better all the time. Not sure what I should be doing differently, if anything.
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