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Default Ragnaroc aka Roc

"Kenobi Kujo" (aka Roc) is an AKC registered almost 2yr old sable male. I've had him a month now and I just love him. He is absolutely amazing with my kids and really has taken a special shine to my 9 month old son Wyatt.♥ I'm looking forward to getting involved in something with this guy,just not sure what yet. He has a good nose and seemingly natural want to track things so I might go with that and see where it takes us. My 3yr old female Kiva wasn't too sure what to think of him at first but now they are close and are never far from each other. Just wanted to show off some shots of my newish addition with you all.

My son getting kisses from Roc

The boys hanging out together

Roc(in front) laying next to Kiva

Playing in the snow

Head tilt♥

Being stared
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