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Default Is this separation anxiety???????

My pup is 10 weeks old, he's been with us almost 2 weeks.
He is an absolutely gorgeous boy, inside and out. However, the past week or so he gets very stressed when I leave the room.

I never leave him in a room unsupervised, if I do, I put him in his crate so h can't get into mischief. I keep leaving the room to do everyday things, he is left with a relative...but he gets very stressed and starts to bite!!!!!! He calms down as soon as I return.

Is this separation can I rectify this? I am his primary owner, thus do training and playtime etc but I live with someone else, he sees them a lot, but they don't have so much input.

I believe he sees me as the alpha, so that's why he behaves slightly better with me.. How can I stop this biting (It's slightly more than mouthing). He biites arms, legs, clothing, whatever he can get hold of. I need to stop this before he gets too old and it starts getting more dangerous! Is this common and normal behavior?

I was thinking, maybe I need to crate him every time I leave the room, regardless of someone else being there? Please help!

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