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Ghost Sounds After Loss

It will be 3 years this July we lost Rocky to a ruptured tumor on his spleen. We tried everything we could to save him. He was 13 yrs. when he passed. Truly one of the best dogs I've had. Gentle, smart, strong, protector, fun, just a great companion. My wife misses him the most probably because he was a momma's boy. He loved his momma. We were all present when he received the shot. I myself will never forget the look on his face when they gave it to him because he was looking directly at me when he went. We all had the chance to say goodbye.

After his passing, it was extraordinarily tough. Rocky stepped into our lives as a replacement from our breeder for another pup who tragically passed on us. He filled a hole. He filled that hole in our lives and then some. Rocky himself had been rejected from another buyer who was intended on breeding him. But one of his testicles failed to drop so he was returned to the breeder. Then we came along. It was like we were destined to be together. We had him fixed and all was good for 13 yrs.

We had the same routine every morning. Rocky was so woven into our daily lives we didn't noticed until he wasn't there anymore. He had a full run of the house, whether we were there or not. He was a great dog. So he was everywhere with us. He was part of our morning routine as well. I usually got down to the kitchen first and he stayed with my wife while she got ready for work then they both came down the stairs. I knew she was about to come out because he would shake his head setting off the jingle from his tags before the door opened. then he'd come down and outside to potty. The morning after and continuing for several months, I would still hear the jingling sound before my wife came downstairs. I could still hear his usually "huff" when he laid down in our bedroom. It just made the letting go part harder, but at the same time, sometimes easier. Hard to explain really.

Do I believe in "the Rainbow Bridge"? I don't know. I think it's there to help cope with the loss. Do I believe in an existence beyond our world? Without a doubt. I've been told by people who I've shared this with that the sounds are a product of so many years of routine. But, I refuse to believe that. I think Rocky was still around after he left. Even though they have faded, I still hear things sometimes and it's almost 3 years now. In my mind, he's still around. I think the emotional ties are as strong now as they were then. I've had a lot of other dogs, mostly Shepherds. Rocky, was one of those dogs, that was just different. He was special.

Has anyone else heard sounds after a passing or still are? Or am I certifiably kooky?
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