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Hurt Toe?

On Tuesday Raven got her toes caught in a door. She obviously was in pain afterwards and limping for the remainder of the day but went to puppy class that night and was running playing, and almost no limp (once she kind of limped but other than that none), the following day she seemed to be over it, and I haven't caught her limping on it since. She's putting weight down, and I'm able to move the one toe without it seeming to bother her. The only time she shoes discomfort is when I squeeze her whole paw (gently of course, not overdoing it), and there does seem to be a small amount of swelling. Opinions on whether anyone thinks it's broken, or do you think it's just some soft tissue injury that needs time to heal completely. We have an appointment booked for this coming Wednesday for puppy shots, do you think we should go in before that? Although the vets aren't open this weekend anyway with it being Easter. Can a vet really do much for a broken toe anyway? I know in humans it's normally just taped to the adjacent toe and left to heal...
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