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Unintentional Training

Thinking about it the other day about certain things I didn't intend on teaching Titan but due to me repeating certain things always at the same times, he's learned a few things..

Like in the morning before I feed him, I didn't realize I ALWAYS said "Hey buddy, want some breakFAST?!!?! Go to bed!" And the other day I just asked if he wanted breakfast, and he bolted to bed. Same with "Want your Dinnerrrr?"

Another is at night, apparently I always say "Let's go night night!" as we are going into the bedroom before bed. So I realized I can tell him, "go night night" and he'll run into the room and lay in his bed waiting for his bedtime snack.

Oh and then there's the unintentional "Um, Excuse me!?" When we are training or when I ask him to do something and he doesn't do it. That apparently means go back to whatever you were doing before you did just that!

Anyone else? I think it's cool that they can pick up on things like that! They are just so smart!


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