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I grew up with a female GSD/Husky and she was a great dog and absolutely gorgeous too but then I rescued a male GSD/Husky mix and although he was gorgeous he wasn't a great dog and he had several behavioral issues.

My friend has a ACD mix, she is bossy, mean and has an attitude problem. Because of her, I would not want that kind of mix.

My aunt had a Doberman/Keeshond mix and she was a great dog.

My friend had a GSD/Chow mix and he was so freaking cute but he was a watchdog and he would not hesitate to bite someone if they came over uninvited even if he knew them.

I also grew up with a Lhaso Apso/Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix and he was the dumbest dog ever and not a very good dog.


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