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Default "Bad" mixes?

So, I am still deciding on which route I want to go as far as bringing in a companion to my family (purchasing from breeder or adopting from shelter). I know that the general theory is mixed breeds tend to be healthier, but I know that is just generalization and any dog is prone to health problems regardless. But there are some mixes that give me a pause. For instance, I saw a puppy on a rescue site that was american bulldog and boxer. The poor little thing looked so awkward, and I couldn't help but think of what future problems might arise. I know there's no specific list of these are mixes to stay away from, but are there certain crossings that are not ideal? I know a friend of mine was complaining because a lot of these designer dogs people don't consider the temperament or underlying health conditions when breeding...Not that the rescues are designer dogs or anything of course.
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