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Smile HELP my little angel GSD is not eating!!!

Hello everyone,
I'm now to this blog but I'm not new to the GSD dog, i ave always grown up with GSD's in the house but now that I moved away from my parents house and started living with my girlfriend we decided to get ourselves a little one of our own. heres the problem:

We got him from a top line breeder in Italy and we moved him to Geneva Switzerland. I give him food 2 times a day 100gm of the same food the breeder gave me (royal canin for german shepherd puppy) and i add a hand full of "new food" also royal canin for german shepherd puppy but the one i find here in Switzerland. I add a little bit of water so that the food is not to dry and my 2.5 month baby can eat the food but when I put it down he just looks at me and goes to sleep.

Ive tried spoon feeding him, the food putting it on the floor, ect. but he just wont eat more then a bight... please I don't know what to do anymore.

Somehow he's also full of energy... we go to the park several times a day to meet other dogs and he runs around and socialises with others, he is not as tired as you would expect...

ps my parents have come back from a holiday today so I'm sure they will have lots of insights but i ask the question here because the more info i get the better.

oh and if anyone is a GSD owner in geneva Switzerland let me know it would be cool to go out for walks...

Thank you for your time
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