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No it's very common for dog owners to worry about boarding, or even using a dogsitter.

I'm sure you checked the kennel out, it's clean, professional and it has good references(?)

Keep in mind that the people working at the kennel deal with dogs being boarded for the first time all the time.

They know how to help the dogs be calm and happy.

Also you should be able to call them to check in on how your dogs are doing and ask them to send you some pictures.

Another tip, try as best you can to not let your dog see/sense your anxiety it will make it harder for him. When you take him to the kennel act like you're just leaving him with a groomer for a couple of hours. They are so sensitive and if you put out vibes that everything is o.k. that will help your dog feel o.k.

Also, in the future, if it's do-able for your dog you may want to check into using a dog sitter. Just make sure they are properly insured and have good references too.

Hang in there, it'll be o.k. and it's good for your dog to learn that when Mom goes away A) he's going to be o.k. and B) you're coming back.

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