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6 weeks seems too early?

Hi all,
First post but have been reading for a while. I'm military stationed in Minot, North Dakota... not many breeders around so we've been looking for a GSD for a while. (Don't want to adopt in the winter so we're not doing potty training in -50 degree weather)

My question is we found a litter of AKC pups. I contacted the breeder to see if we could go look, talk to them, possibly pick one out, put a deposit, and come back when they're ready... they typical suggestions that have been given.

The breeder said they are ready to go now and have been weaned from their mother and are eating and drinking on their own.

Everything I've researched has said 8-10 weeks, 8 is the fear imprinting, mom and brothers and sisters help with the biting, possibly more stable emotionally the longer they are with the litter, etc.

Bottom line is what do you think about a 6 week pup? On one hand I wonder if the sins of the breeder should hurt the puppy. We've got a great family that would welcome the puppy with open arms and know that a GSD is right for us.

On the other hand, are there potential problems/issues in the long run with a 6 wk puppy? I almost feel like it would be a rescue even though they are charging AKC prices for it. Should I say no to the breeder and wait another 6-8 mos to see if another litter comes available from another breeder within a 4 or 5 hour drive?

Thanks for any advice and opinions.
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