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Bacterial Pyoderma - Permanent Cure?

Hey there all,

Bear is 2 years old. Male, neutered, healthy in all other respects.

His issue is a recurring bacterial pyoderma. I and the vet had thought it might be an allergy and we did a lot of work with his diet to try and track it down with no success.

During his neutering the vet took some major biopsy samples from his skin for analysis and determined it had a bacterial source. Great!

I tried a topical shampoo that knocked the rash back a bit, but it didn't clear up the rash. We then went to a 10 day course of antibiotics with three days of steroids to break the itch cycle, which did clear it up! There was a little scale left around his tail on his back, and I blasted it with another couple of shampoo jobs and he was clean.


It's back now though, and he is due for another vet appointment to have another go.

No he doesn't worry at it or scratch his fur out or anything, and is high energy and cheerful. I just want that rash and dandruff gone.

Help and advice?

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