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Heidi's annual vet visit a mixed bag

Heidi went to the vet yesterday. Like another poster, I was wondering if she was suffering from DM, in addition to her HD. Vet said he doesn't think so, thinks the problem with her back legs and hind end is just more severe HD. He didn't really say anything I wasn't expecting. I can take her off the glucosamine; it's done it's job, kept her feeling pretty good for 7 years, he doesn't think it can do anymore. I realized this morning that he didn't mention her heart, but I know he checked it, so not sure if that is significant or not. I know some disapprove of aspirin for dogs, but it has worked for us for 7 years, and he pretty much told me not to hesitate to give it to her whenever I think she needs it, as long as it isn't more than 2 per day. I guess it is what he DIDN'T say that alarms me. I just had the feeling that he doesn't think she has long.

I told him that the other day was the first time she didn't want to get out of the car to take a walk and I didn't make her. He said that she needs to go for a walk every day to lubricate her joints and I should try to get her to, even if she doesn't want to.

To my relief, my vet is now only giving the distemper shot every 3 years, so Heidi didn't get one of those but....they are giving the lepto vaccine separately now and he did recommend that. So maybe I am reading too much into it.
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