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Default help for GSD friendly landscaping????

So my backyard is pure dirt. And a moderate slope. It's not bad when it's dry, but in the winter it's HORRIBLE. my kitchen floors are basically brown half the year from the mud.

Any ideas on good hardy ground covering? I was thinking mulch but I'm scared with the slope it would just slide down. Plus Berlin likes to dig.

So I was thinking maybe just a really hardy ground cover plant that could stand up to high foot traffic? I live in Colorado, zone 5, very sunny backyard that gets little shade, it is clay.

Or I've even heard of people recycling old concrete blocks left over from ripping up patios and such to do something like this.

Do you think this would be feasible to do over the whole back yard? I understand it obviously would not look as nice as getting true flagstone or what not meant for ground cover and paths, but it needs to be cheap, something I can largely do myself. I know it will be labor intensive, I just can't afford paying a landscaper since I'm having my entire basement remodeled. I need to stick to a 500$ budget, max

Thank you for any help!
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