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Originally Posted by Baillif View Post
There are some dogs out there that can never be 100% safe again and you either manage them or put em down. Tough part is figuring out which is which sometimes. Dog got two more weeks of life than it should have had.

From what i have been told by someone that knows her she isnt a force free trainer. So while im not privy to the details she is likely to have left those details out of her facebook updates.
Interesting, I wonder what really happened...why were they out? Why wasn't the dog muzzled? Why so many bites? Did they test the dog appropriately and really get into it's nerve (through obedience/proofing etc) enough to know what triggered it, why, and what it's go to action is/was?

Agree that some dogs just aren't safe....also interesting that it was scheduled to be euthanized, but the community outrage, semi-forced the shelter's hand to adopt out to trainer....and now look where we are.

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