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5 years of dog training experience isn't a lot. Really.

I think it is a sad story. Someone thinks they can do more than they can. But unless you try, how can you know? The dog was aggressive. But it does not seem to state that the dog was seriously evaluated by any type of behaviorist. The k9 officer has experience with a type of dog, and stated the dog was unsocialized and aggressive.

I think it was a mistake. There are plenty of dogs out there that need homes, if we stick with the ones that do not have bite histories, maybe less people will get bitten. This one GSD hit the list as having bitten the K9 officer, the trainer/owner, the person helping with the socialization, the other officer.

Might something had been a little different if the trainer had done a 2-week shut down and let the dog settle, maybe for a month or more before starting her rehabilitation? We will never know.

This is bad for rescue and shelter adoptions, and bad for our breed. It's too bad. I don't know if the shelter was wrong in giving the woman a shot at the dog. But it turned out badly.

I really do not think it really speaks about the ineffectiveness of positive approaches, as I think without allowing the dog to settle and adjust, two weeks is such a short time, it only speaks that whoever was trying to use the methods tried too much, too soon, with the wrong dog.

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