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I know Shepherds get attached, but this is just ridiculous!

Sometimes my pup just wants to hold my hand. And it's not that I'm accidentally cuing him to shake (I drove myself up a wall for a week thinking I was accidentally cuing him) but he will just decide, out of the blue, that he really NEEDS to hold my hand. And he'll come find me whether I'm working on my computer, cooking, making some little craft, paw at my hand until he gets it turned palm up and then he'll wrap his paw around my hand and just sit there and zone out for a minute or two. When he decides that he's had his fill of hand holding, he'll quietly leave and wander off to whatever he was doing before. He also does this to one of my roommates. When my roommate is hanging out in the room, Kaiju will occasionally go over, paw my roommate's hand palm up and just sit there and hold it for a minute or two.

It's not just at home either. I had an awkward lunch outside a sandwich shop when he got the urge to hold my hand. If I refuse, he quietly whines in such a pathetic manner, it's hard to deny him. So I sat there for a full five minutes while people walked by. All looking at the girl sitting on the patio, eating a sandwich with her left hand while her dog holds her right like the clingiest, fuzziest baby sitter on earth. I could almost hear him saying "Now, dear, chew completely before swallowing. Those dry, crusty breads can be a choking hazard."

Anyone else have any experiences like this? I knew GSD's were vocal, but I'd never heard of them hand-holding before...?
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