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How about doggie daycare while the workers are around?

We had some work done in our yard last week and I knew Ollie would bark at the work crew (which included my brother that Ollie loves) all day from inside the house, so instead he went to doggie day care during the project to play with his buddies and get all his energy out.

This might help your dog and give you a little piece of mind when you need a break or want to be social.

In addition you need to keep working on her being ok with people you invite into the home. We have to work on this because Ollie has a habit of barking at the doorbell and jumping on anyone that comes through the door. I have enlisted my brother and sister to be our doorbell guinea pigs because they know Ollie and aren't scared if he jumps on them. We practice ringing the doorbell, answering the door and inviting them in over and over again. If he keeps his feet on the floor and no barking he gets a treat. He is improved but not perfect yet. Also, when we have people over, I give him a really yummy treat like a bone that he will be more interested in so he doesn't bug everyone.
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