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Well, three out of the four GSD's I have are dog friendly, but my one female, Ivy, is highly aggressive towards other dogs because of the way her previous owner treated her and she had to wear a muzzle for a while when I adopted Hunter( 7 months old) until she got used to him. I also don't know Kaiya's personality towards other dogs. Other than that, I have ten acres of fenced in yard, have the patience and experience for dogs, and would be able to afford all five dogs. I think I'm going to turn around and grab her.

Ivy-2 (melanistic black GSD)
Jorden-3 (black and tan GSD)
New; Hunter-7 months (melanistic black GSD)
Spencer-5 months (don't-know-color-yet GSD)
Jake-Died at 16 years (faded bi-color)
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