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How did previous "owner" breed my DA dog?

Weird question. This just occurred to me. Hildy is fear aggressive (dx by behaviorist) towards other dogs. When we first adopted her 14 mos ago, she was 49 lb and had been bounced from Miami-Dade Shelter to kennel paid for by rescue to foster to kennel paid for by rescue and evidently no one had noticed that she had EPI

That part of the story is relevant because it took probably about a month for the dog aggression to come out in full force. I always assumed that was because she was in such poor health when she came to us, and/or because she'd been bounced around from original home to shelter to rescue to foster to rescue to us.

Anyway, when she came to us, her nipples were super, super swollen; she'd clearly just whelped a litter. So at some point, some dog was able to get close enough to her to impregnate her.

I'm trying to figure out if this means that she wasn't always DA. Will an otherwise-DA bitch allow a male to mate with her? Or does this mean that I created her DA tendencies? We spayed her as soon as she was healthy enough to do so, so I never saw her interact with a male dog while in heat.
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