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Angry Cussed out at the dog store

At the local pet store this evening, I was buying dog food for Cleopatra, I had a working asking if I needed help, I said "No, Just getting my puppy some food" she notices I was buying blue wilderness large adult food and asked how old my dog was ( nosey much?) I answered that she was 6 months the lady seemed shocked saying that I had to buy puppy food or my dog will be malnourished and have health issues and she would not have enough calcium, be underweight ect. I told her that I started my dog on adult food at 12 weeks because I think puppy food causes excessive growth and other issues (my opinion) She told me I was abusing my dog! I told her that I had just had blood work done, and Cleo was high normal on most of her levels (I will be getting a copy of the test) and that she is a 6 month 70 pound GSD, she is not underweight, or unhealthy. She then cussed me out saying I was abusive and words I will not say.
How am I abusing my dog! I feed her and spend every waking second to train and play and love her.UGG
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