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How does it sound?

Why is it that people, when they have not been asked for an opinion on whether or not a puppy is mixed, they love to tell other people that their dog looks mixed?

We have read over and again in stories about perfect strangers coming up and asking what their obviously purebred dog is mixed with. And how that makes them feel.

Why do we feel compelled to welcome newcomers to the site by doing this exact thing?

I don't understand it.

GSDs range from 50 to 110 pounds, they have short fat muzzles and others have long skinny muzzles, some are low and heavy and straight across the back, others are slab sided, and angulated, they have long coats, plush coats, short coats, blue coats, bi color coats, sable coats, white coats, black coats, patterned coats, liver coats, and some say panda and brindle and honey almond colored coats.

They have big ears, or short thick ears, most have upright ears, but some ears never stand, tails are held in a saber position low, except when aroused or if they have a happy tail, sometimes they have curl at the end of their tail.

The difference between well-bred shepherds of different lines are very marked, and then there are all those who are breeding dogs of different lines together.

They can have white on their chest, and some have other spots of white like on their toes, and sometimes even on their muzzle. And they change a LOT between 6 weeks and 2 years.

In short, how can we look at a two dimensional picture of a puppy and decide that it does not look like a GSD? If someone asks and the pup screams Rottweiler to you, then I don't think we should just say, "Oh it's a pretty GSD you have there."

But when people don't ask? Why do we choose to welcome them by suggesting that their dog is not the genuine article.

Remember folks, that not everyone knows that many of us do have mixes and love them. When suggesting to someone that their dog looks mixed, people that have no experience here, probably think that we do not want them here with their less than perfect, possibly mixed dog.

None of us like people coming up and asking us what our dogs are mixed with. I wish we wouldn't do that to people who aren't asking.

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