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I don't know if I really picked mine...there wasn't really another option except for maybe waiting for another litter. I had put down a deposit with a breeder for a future litter as all the pups in the pregnant bitch's current litter were on hold. After they were born, Kaiju was the runt and the couple who would have gotten him decided to hold for the next litter because they didn't want a runt. So the breeder called me to come check him out and see if I would want him.

By the time I got there, it was just him and the breeder's other dogs. I think what got me really attached to him was how fast he decided that I was awesome. I came in, interacted with him a bit and then he decided he was going to shadow me everywhere. He walked basically in my footsteps, sat by my feet when I stopped, and curled up and fell asleep in my arms when I sat down, all while constantly staring at me like I was the most fun thing he's ever seen in his life.

Huh, I guess you could say he picked me
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