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Apaches dog park visit

My town has a couple dog parks dedicated to working to working dogs from the police depts. So I asked for a dog park pass for Xmas, I got cash for one but decided to visit first.
It has a key card system and we just hung outside, when a lady came I asked if shed let me in to check it out before we pay the 50 bux. She said no, because the dogs all need shot verification. Im sorry but that pissed me off. Is she really dumb enough to think her dog is in some bubble and isnt exposed to stuff??? The diseases come from wild animals.

So I rubbed it in her face by letting my girl off leash and playing in the fields NEXT to the fenced in park. All the dogs were jealous and followed us around the circumfrence. I think Im gonna just break the law and use the dog park money to pay tickets when I get them.
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