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Puppies are obnoxious. They need to learn boundaries. The push and cajole and pounce and annoy. Your adult dog was done and clearly told her so.

Whenever your pup and adult are together it's your job to monitor and interject common sense. If your puppy is ignoring signals from the adult, then you need to step in and make him respect.

With my pups, if they are getting annoying, and my older dogs started getting annoyed I would remove the puppy. The older dog needs to learn that YOU have control over the puppy, that YOU will intervene and that YOU have their back. If they don't believe this, than they will correct the obnoxious heathen the way dogs do. LOL!!!

Always be vigilant. Pups need to learn to respect. It's up to you to enforce the " we will not be obnoxious" rule!!!

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