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Help! Advice on aggression toward other dog?

Today my 2 year old gsd bit my 14 week old puppy in the face. He had to get 4 stitches near his eye. Fortunately, the eye itself is untouched and the vet thinks the wound will heal nicely with little scarring. So with that issue dealt with, the focus becomes he to prevent this from happening again.

I wasn't home when this happened, but according to my husband, it was and instant reaction to him trying to play with a toy ( his toy, not hers). He said it happened very quickly without warning. I have only seen her be aggressive about food and never to this extent before.

They will be separated until his laceration heals, so I have some time. Anyone dealt with this? Any advice? Will she adjust to him, or is this going to be an ongoing or worsening thing ( her patience with him had definitely grown thinner over the past few days)?

Any and all advice is welcome. I feel terrible that she did this to the little guy.

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