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Cut pad...can it wait until morning for vet?

Tucker just came in and blood went everywhere. Once I was able get a look, I began breathing again when I found the cut on the pad of a rear foot. I've cleaned it as best I could (120lb 1yo dog w/no meaningful not as well as I'd like). It is wrapped and he's in his crate.

Can it wait for my vet in the morning? We have a good ER vet close by that I will take him to if the bleeding doesn't stay under control, but I'd like to wait if possible. The ER vet is expensive and like everyone else, saving the extra funds for serious stuff would be nice if he can wait until morning.

That said, if there is any risk to waiting, I'll throw him in the car now.

Doing anything more on my own besides keeping it wrapped would be tough without my oldest daughter here to help me.


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