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Go back to puppy monitoring 101. When you are in the house with her, tether her to your side with a 6 foot lead or gate her in a limited space with you (in the living room while you are watching TV, in the kitchen while you wash dishes, etc.) When you cannot either tether her or gate her to keep an eye on her, crate her. The annoyance of having to work on limiting her options is worth keeping her from practicing those bad behaviors. It will be much easier to keep her from practicing bad habits now than it will be to try to break them later. Keep up your exercise and obedience routine.

If you don't already, try portioning her day's worth of food into a bag and having her work for it in small sessions throughout the day. It will help keep her engaged with you, give her an incentive to stop practicing those bad behaviors, and give you a quick way to reward good behaviors.
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