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7 Month Old German Shepherd Bad Behavior

My 7 month old west working line black German shepherd, Nayru, has turned into quite a naughty dog in the past couple of weeks. She has never been bad with chewing or destroying things but it seems like as of late she will literally destroy everything at any opportunity she gets. Her favorite thing is to shred paper, but she will also chew pens, dig up the yard, destroy stuffed animals and get stuffing everywhere, and eat my daughters toys. She is very active and runs 2 miles every day with me, we also go hiking on the weekends, the dog park for 1 hour every Saturday, plays fetch, and participates in obedience training. She listens to commands well and we have corrected her every time she destroys something. She always acts extremely guilty and remorseful when she is scolded, and we have tried bitter apple spray and have bought her tons of toys to play with as an alternative but thus far nothing has worked. The vet said this is something she will grow out of and at this point I can't wait for that day to come. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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