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New training video.. Toy as reward this time..

Alright.. so after my last video I started using the toy as a reward vs treats. Not all the time, just more often. He has been doing awesome with it.

Now I will admit.. we're slow in the video.. IMO at least. we had been out there for some time before I remembered I wanted to video the session.. Soooo that would be the reason I am slow..

Oh an I really thought I was being much more lively than the last one... but after watching it again, apparently I am still a boring trainer. Lol. he had fun though, so I guess that's what matters. Let me know what y'all think.

Mistake #1.. I realized I asked if he wanted to "play" in the beginning.. which IMO eliminated it as a training session in his mind.. but we're working on it.

Also I apologize ahead of time if you can't hear things I say.. it was rather windy. Oh and yes, I told him to "go potty" I could tell he needed to go but wanted to bring me back the toy and didn't know what to do.. Lol. So yes.. that happened.


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