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Default Daiquiris' German Shepherds... Breeder

Hey everyone. I've been considering getting another GSD for a while, however I'm pretty specific what I want. I'm looking for a good female black/red long coat. I currently have a 4 yr old short coat male. He is very handsome, but I love the long coats. I'm in Florida and haven't really been able to find a good long coat breeder in my area so I started looking other places. I ran across this breeder in NJ.

Daiquiris Over-Sized, Long-Coated, German Shepherds

They have an upcoming litter with two beautiful parents. The details are on the Available page. It's the Autumn / Quartz litter.

First has anyone bought a dog from them, and second, what do you guys think about the breeder and their dogs?
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