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Am I wrong?

had a pretty heated argument with my landlords. had an agreement with dude downstairs over use of the washing machines. they are hooked up to my utilities. it's an electric dryer and is an energy hog and his wife runs the machines way more than a family of 2 would ever need. the agreement was he is to give me $25 a month for unlimited machine usage. dude didn't pay me at all 2 months ago. last month he paid me in the middle of the month. this month is half over again and still no $25. i can shut the machines off from my apartment and did so. i called the landlords to let them know why they are going to get a call from the guy that the machines don't work. they got pissed at me and said i can't do that. i said yes i can, you can't force a tenant to pay for electrical usage of another tenant.

the building is a 2 family and is wired as an owner occupied multi-family house. they recently bought the place and now rent out both apartments. i lived in apartments long enough that i know in this situation the building should have 2 electric meters for the apartments and a 3rd meter for common areas that the landlord pays. they disagree with that. these are first time landlords. i have to pay for the outside front light, 2 front hallway lights, 2 basement lights, side of house light, back of house light, small water heater for washer, washer and dryer. they are supposed to F'n pay for all that.

long story short i got my rent lowered by $25 and **** head downstairs now has to pay them. my brother is going to lend me the money for the first month rent and security on another apartment and wife and i are now looking. after we move we will give our refunded security from this place back to him. i'm **** outta here.

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