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Rescued Gsd problems

Hello all,
We rescued a beautiful 3 year old gsd the weeks ago. Initially she was well behaved, although nervous, and built up a bond with her.
Now it's a different story...
Won't let my other two dogs have affection and constantly takes everything off them, treats, toys etc. Anyone who comes in the house she will constantly bark at, I remind visitors to totally ignore her but regardless it doesn't improve. She is always barking/chasing - the cats, again initially just ignored them. Will listen to me sometimes and at other times in invisible. On our walk yesterday she was running with my lurcher and a loud yelp.. I'm pretty sure this was accidental but a big chunk of fr and a bloody graze was on my lurcher (also rescued /nervous).
This poor dog has had three homes already and I don't want to give her up so will try any ideas anyone has.
Thank you
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