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Sounds like you are really trying, but some pups can be exhausting when it comes to crate training. Your first mistake was to put him on the bed- unless that's where you want him all the time- think about it, how comfy that must seem to a puppy. I will say he may indeed need some more water later at night, but you can limit what he drinks. If you want him crate trained, an alternative method is to put a crate in an ex-pen at the foot or next to the bed. Only put a pad or blanket(if he wont chew it) in the crate. I wouldn't put anything else in there, just maybe a cover over the top of the crate(makes it a den-like area for him, a safe zone). If you set it up like this, he will come to know this is den is for sleeping, nothing more. Now, you can try leaving the door open. No toys, chews, etc., this area is JUST FOR SLEEPING. I know it's VERY HARD, but be consistent, no putting on the bed, or next to the bed, etc. I hope this helps, it's worked for us for many, many years. IMHO, Bob
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