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Is my 9 month old male too thin for his age?-image.jpg

This is Hugo on Valentines Day for comparison. I'll post a picture from today after I get home. We also thought depression/loneliness might have added to some of his refusing to eat after we boarded him. He's the only dog in our house, but he's been attending classes at least 1-2 times a week since he was 12 weeks old, and going to play dates with my friend's lab who is the same age once a week. He's very well socialized and loves to be around other dogs, people, kids, and even cats. I thought maybe after having a week of play with the dogs at the boarders I wasn't enough interaction for him... Although now he's seems to be better as far as the depression goes...He has plenty of energy and runs all day long! (Outside, with me, in the house...) I'm just concerned because it's such a large amount of weight loss over 2 months for a supposed to be growing puppy.

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