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Trouble Finding a Suitable Protein - Southern Ontario

Our dog has never really thrived. Went though 10+ kibbles trying to find a suitable one. Then tried raw and he did quite well but his allergies continued throughout the winter without getting better. Switched to a hydrolyzed protein prescription kibble to try and calm his immune system and prep him for allergy testing. Allergy testing is now complete and we're trying to find a more appropriate food for him.

Turns out he's allergic to:
-all birds
-all ruminants

So that leaves us with pork/boar and fish. I've found a pork meat/organ grind however it does not contain bone and therefore isn't suitable to feed. Any fish we've tried he's refused to eat nor have I found an affordable source. Our budget is limited.

We have found a kibble that doesn't contain anything that we know he's allergic to (Back to Basics Pork) but we'd like to at least feed some raw as that's what he's done best on so far. We're at a loss of how to do that though so I have a few questions.

1. How can we add pork/boar bone to this mix? I think I read that you can cook bones so much they turn to mush.
2. Is there a supplement we can use to replace the bone?
3. Are there other proteins that we haven't thought of and do you know of a source in Southern Ontario that we can get it from for <$3/lb? Llama and alpaca may be suitable proteins since they are pseudo ruminants.
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