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These were the calculations I used. I give closer to 0.2mL but think 0.1mL is more than adequate...but the higher dose kills other nasties as well. 272mcg is for up to an 100lb dog.

For an 80lb dog (using spreadsheet notation 10E-6 is 10 to the minus 6th, not e, the natural base, ok?-just no option for superscripts on the forum)

(2.72 x 10E-6 grams/lb*)x(80lb) = 217.6x 10E-6g or 2.18 x 10E-4 grams

A 1% solution is 1gram/100mL - so -

(2.18 x 10E-4grams) x (100mL/grams) = 0.0218mL

I need to give 0.1 mL which is 5 times the necessary dose. ( 0.8mL, using the 0.1mL/10lbs calculation) would be 40 times the necessary dose for my dog.

*the dose from the insert is 2.72mcg per lb. See, package insert is on the webpage.

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